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Delivery of Concept

SAA have specifically embarked upon a development programme to prove the appropriateness of REIMS as a long-term secure B2B solution. REIMS is unique and delivers multiple approvals and accreditations. It is the only product on the market today that is able to combine the commercial security standards of AS2, with the financial standards of BACSTEL-IP connections as well as Government security standards for PAYE/RTI submissions. The REIMS product range has been developed using SAA's expertise and knowledge of the B2B integration marketplace and delivers the infrastructure to enable companies to control and realise their B2B interoperability strategies. SAA support an open policy, we develop platform independent on premise and cloud based REIMS solutions that support the latest Hybrid architecture requirements and we are continuing to develop the REIMS product set to support the latest requirements and methods for transaction Integration, Exchange and Synchronisation.


SAA's customers cover practically every business sector and government activity and include many multi-national corporate organisations. SAA delivers the functionality and investment in techn0ology to support current and future secure B2B interoperability requirements.

No more "legacy systems inertia" caused by the strategic entrenchment of important systems that cannot be updated but are too difficult or expensive to replace. No more battling with the headaches caused by complex systems that frequently need hardware or software upgrades. The conflict between Business as Usual (BAU), economic Business Improvement and the capability to Manage Business Change efficiently has been resolved for the future.

The answer is Progressive Assurance:- delivering a prevailing application product lifecycle that not only reduces complexity but is always up-to-date. Progressive Assurance greatly reduces the investment cost required for systems and process improvement as well as simplifying business change implementation while still getting the benefit of the reduced cost of ownership of a cloud based infrastructure.

So The Cloud Will Change Everything as it can deliver more value for less cost!

Security Architecture

Having worked in the Secure Commerce arena for over ten years, SAA are experts in understanding your enterprise's security needs. REIMS, combined with the TIES architecture, is based around a set of secure services offering multiple dimensions of security.

REIMS Products and Services

Through the REIMS community product suite, SAA delivers secure Virtual Business Networking (VBN) and B2B integration professional services.