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Hints and Tips
To execute a simple query you can search using just a word or a phrase but with the hints on this page you can expand on this to give you more precise results. These tips will help you get started.

  • Search for words with the same prefix e.g. type com* to find commerce, communications, company, etc.
  • Search with the keyword NEAR, rather than AND, for words located close to each other e.g. both of these queries, XML and products and XML near products, look for the words XML and products on the same page. However with NEAR, the returned pages are ranked in order of proximity: the closer together the words are, the higher the rank of that page
  • Improve your queries with the AND NOT keywords to exclude certain text from your search e.g. type EDI AND NOT MESSAGE to find all instances of EDI but not EDI message
  • Include the OR keyword to find all instances of either one word or another e.g. type REIMS OR XML to find all pages that mention REIMS or XML or both
  • Place quotation marks around keywords if you wish the search engine to take them literally e.g. if you type the following query:

    "REIMS near methodology"

    The search engine will literally look for the complete phrase REIMS near methodology. But if you type the same query without the quotation marks:

    REIMS near methodology

    The search engine searches all documents for the words REIMS and methodology.

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