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Products - REIMS TIES Overview

The REIMS TIES Range covers the major requirements for enterprise B2B

The REIMS Secure Commerce Range provides Managed File Transfer, Enterprise Application Integration Management, B2B Exchange Management and Compliant Audit Security Management now available in one scalable solution

REIMS TIES Range has been completely re-engineered from the previous generations of REIMS products. REIMS now supports deployment in combined physical, virtualised and Cloud-based distributed environments as well as on demand scalability. Its new architecture supports options for REIMS Application Resilience and Always On Availability.

The key functional areas of REIMS TIES cover four major requirements for enterprise B2B:

B2B Exchange Management

REIMS meets your business requirements for EDI and XML Web Services-based transactions exchange including event driven process automation and comprehensive exception management.

Managed File Transfer

Use REIMS for secure communication connections to exchange files in an automated, audited and service level controlled manner with your trading partners. REIMS takes file transfer to a new level by integrating the MFT functionality inside our enterprise B2B servers which provides a much richer, more formal and more controlled environment.

Enterprise Application Integration Management

Integrate with industry standard applications such as the SAP, Oracle, MS Dynamics and Infor portfolio of ERP solutions, as well as many other packaged solutions, through REIMS Transaction Integration Mapping Server (TIMS) and its advanced mapping and integration tools.

REIMS TIMS also has very advanced features to support integration to in-house developed systems and Web Service-based applications. In addition, it has advanced flexibility for legacy systems integration which is used extensively and proven in all types of integration project scenarios.

Compliant Audit Security Management

REIMS is the only B2B Integration solution in the market that provides an immutable end-to-end Audit trail for complete compliance with your auditing and data security requirements. The Security Services Server combines hardware and software security features and has been accredited for secure exchange of the most sensitive transactions such as payment instructions and payroll record submission.


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