REIMS Integration Range Overview

The REIMS Integration Range covers the major requirements for Cloud, B2B and Internal Integration

REIMS Integration Range has been completely re-engineered from the previous generations of REIMS products. REIMS now supports deployment in combined physical, virtualised and Cloud-based distributed environments as well as on demand scalability. Its new architecture supports options for REIMS Application Resilience and Always On Availability.

Progressive Assurance

REIMS delivers on the biggest benefit of Cloud Computing of all, the ability to maintain a prevailing solution, in other words an infrastructure that is maintained in an up-to-date status.

No more "legacy systems inertia" caused by the strategic entrenchment of important systems that cannot be updated but are too difficult or expensive to replace. No more battling with the headaches caused by complex systems that frequently need hardware or software upgrades. The conflict between Business as Usual (BAU), economic Business Improvement and the capability to Manage Business Change efficiently has been resolved for the future.

The answer is Progressive Assurance:- delivering a prevailing application product lifecycle that not only reduces complexity but is always up-to-date. Progressive Assurance greatly reduces the investment cost required for systems and process improvement as well as simplifying business change implementation while still getting the benefit of the reduced cost of ownership of a cloud-based infrastructure.

So The Cloud Will Change Everything as it can deliver more value for less cost!

Persistent Service

REIMS provides persistence through 100% "Always On" availability by using a unique combination of multiple simultaneous production systems across Cloud Service Providers and Cloud Integration Management Systems. This ensures that every transaction is processed successfully.

Portable Deployment

REIMS delivers freedom from lock-in, supporting installation and operation at multiple IaaS Cloud Service Providers. In addition, REIMS can be multi-tenanted or installed as a combined hybrid cloud and/or dedicated customer premises based installation.

Provisioning Elasticity

REIMS delivers on demand scalability and economies of scale in combination with virtualisation technology to automate product deployment. REIMS enables the expansion of capacity to meet peak demand, as well as the automated provisioning of Test and Standby systems, to ensure the entire infrastructure is synchronised for stability and Service Level Management.