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SAA Consultants provide Cloud Integration and Secure B2B Commerce Solutions
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Services - Overview

SAA offers a full range of premier services to support your B2B requirements

The range of services open to our customers is based on over ten years' experience gained in working with companies who have implemented successful business integration strategies.

SAA offers a full range of premier services to support your B2B requirements

REIMSnet Services
SAA offers a wide range of support services through the Customer Centre to all customers, irrespective of whether they use a complete REIMS infrastructure or an individual product or service.

SAA's REIMS HMRC Service is a Managed Service or SaaS Application that provides RTI Scheme Management and direct Government Gateway connection for sending RTI and PAYE forms and receiving notification through a secure interface to HMRC and Government Gateway Services or via EDI over the Internet using AS2.
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REIMS Methodology
The REIMS Methodology is specifically designed to assist the efficient deployment and operation of B2B communities through the implementation of a Virtual Business Networking (VBN) solution.
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Professional Services
Assisting organisations to design and implement Virtual Business Networking (VBN) through strategy studies, management briefings and implementation and consultancy services.
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Education and Training
A multi-level education programme, which includes B2B integration awareness, education workshops and a range of dedicated courses to provide training and skills transfer for B2B integration and the REIMS products.
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