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SAA's REIMS Methodology offers a very advanced and appropriate approach to B2B project implementation to help you meet your requirements and to deliver your project on time and to budget.

The advantage of the REIMS Methodology is its flexibility and that it can be cut down to a very basic level of technology enablement or used to encompass a complete strategy, depending upon your requirements.

REIMS Methodology

A time-phased methodology that changes to meet evolving market and business requirements.


The REIMS Methodology Process
The REIMS Methodology delivers a time-phased methodology focused on delivering enhanced corporate productivity and return on investment within a short time span. To achieve this, the methodology is comprised of a number of components:


An understanding of where the company is now and what is required to achieve B2B and Secure Commerce objectives.

 Quality Plan

A detailed plan of how business integration objectives and milestones are to be met.


Defining the standards policy appropriate to meet the organisation's specific in-house, project and industry requirements for Secure Commerce, Business Process Management (BPM), Data Synchronisation, Web Services and Information Quality Control.

 Project Implementation

Project control procedures to manage the successful implementation of individual projects identified within the strategy, in a manner conformant to the REIMS Quality Plan.

 Business Partner Community

If the project requires a community of partners to be implemented, then the Business Partner Community Management component of the REIMS Methodology will ensure the effective achievement of live business-to-business exchanges with partners, encompassing a formal update process.



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