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Over the coming months, SAA will be holding a series of five-day REIMS TIES training courses at our Head Office in Plymouth, UK. The hands on training is designed to provide delegates with an overview of the REIMS TIES product functionality.

From the course, each delegate will come away with an understanding of the following modules of the REIMS TIES Range:

REIMS Domain Monitor Landscape Services. (DOLS)
REIMS DOLS provides overall management and control of REIMS TIES products via a Management Console through a browser interface for REIMS applications whereby services can be initiated, such as system events and audit system enquiries. This introductory session provides delegates with an overview that includes REIMS DOLS features and configuration, Service Orientated (SOA) and Event Driven Architecture (EDA), security services and generic audit.

REIMS Transaction Exchange Control Services. (TECS) - B2B Communications and EDI
REIMS Transaction Exchange Control Services (TECS) enables an organisation to harness business-to-business (B2B) communications over the Internet, whilst maintaining its existing EDI environment. In addition to other features and functionality, this part of the course covers:

  • Introductory Primer for use of EDI, XML and CSV for B2B communications
  • Mapping definition between REIMS interface files and EDI and XML
  • System configuration for Value Added Network (VAN) mailbox connection and direct connection to trading partners using open communications protocols
  • Planning for a secure frameworks implementation such as AS2 and RosettaNet
  • REIMS TECS day-to-day operational management and error handling.

SAA also provide the following education courses:

REIMS XML Functionality
AS2 and B2Bi Frameworks

REIMS Transaction Integration Mapping Services. (TIMS)
Enterprise Application Integration, data synchronisation and interface mapping capabilities are provided by REIMS TIMS Server. This part of the course provides an overview of the following:

  • Introduction to working with XML, CSV and database formats
  • Set up of data adaptors for different file formats
  • Set up connectors for different data source types
  • Fundamental data mapping techniques
  • Application and operation of REIMS TIMS within a REIMS TIES implementation
  • Introduction to Web Services.

REIMS Transaction Operational Process Synchronisation. (TOPS) - Process Automation and Application Interface Management
REIMS TOPS is a standards-based, process management server which facilitates the automation of B2B and EAI processes and can be used to synchronise multiple application updates as well as long running processes. Course modules include:

  • Effective deployment of automated and manual business processes within an organisation
  • An introduction to REIMS business process definition, deployment and management
  • An overview of the features of the REIMS Payment Management Server
  • Use of the REIMS Open Document Register (ODR) as a business application to support the end-to-end business process.

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