Flexibility, Extendibility and Choice

BACS Payment Solutions

SAA has provided BACS payment solutions to the larger enterprise for over ten years and as such are well equipped to help your organisation to maximise the benefits brought about by the BACSTEL-IP technology. SAA's REIMS Payment Management Server (PMS) and BACSTEL-IP System (BIPS) products have successfully completed the BACSTEL-IP certification process, providing reassurance that our software solutions meet and exceed the BACS high quality standards. They provide advanced, resilient and scalable facilities that can be implemented by both direct submitters and bureau users as lightweight but industrial strength standalone solutions, or as part of a larger enterprise consolidated REIMS B2B gateway.

REIMS Payment Management Server (PAMS)

The REIMS Payment Management Server offers a number of modules and integration solutions designed to improve productivity and efficiency while reducing operational errors and costs.

Business Process Authorisation and Security

Business Process workflow module designed to streamline and improve the payment authorisation process and security options by providing software security features to complement the BACSTEL-IP smart card and HSM based security. REIMS supports additional browser-based digital signature signing for BACS payment files as a complementary function to the smart card/ HSM signing, providing a very flexible but secure authorisation process.

Faster Payments Processing

Same day faster payment processing is now standard functionality of REIMS Payment Management Server.


Advanced Integration tool to transform BACS reports received in XML format and interface them with back-end Treasury, ledger and ERP systems. This creates a complete accounting transaction business cycle between your organisation and your suppliers. The transactions can be integrated directly into the main back office ERP systems such as SAP or Oracle.

Manual Payments System

System is designed to improve the security and procedures for ad-hoc and one-off payments and to eliminate the need for manual cheques.

Direct Debit Processing

Provides the full cycle of Direct Debit including DD instruction creation, automated notifications and collections as well as submissions, reconciliations and rejection handling for a complete Direct Debit management system.

Electronic Communications with Suppliers

Send remittance advices electronically to suppliers and process invoices and statement receipts to achieve major cost savings.


The essential system for the UK enterprise to send RTI and receive notifications via the Government Gateway. Read more


BACSTEL-IP System (BIPS) provides an advanced and flexible product for organisations wishing to manage their own BACSTEL-IP solution.


  • Available for Windows, UNIX, Linux and IBM i (for Power Systems including AS/400, iSeries and System i) platforms.
  • Reduces errors by validating all payments against the Industry Sorting Code Directory (ISCD)
  • BACS controller runs in server mode in order to allow multiple payment points
  • Scalable solution to meet sophisticated payment management requirements
  • Provides full audit trail to track submissions and payments
  • RTI compliant payroll submissions
  • HSM and smart card authorisation
  • Automatic BACS report retrieval


The implementation and integration of BACSTEL-IP within larger organisations could impact core financial systems and business processes. Whatever the requirement, SAA have the capability and experience to implement the solution effectively and integrate seamlessly with your back-end systems.