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Harness the power of Cloud Computing with the REIMS Cloud Deployment Offerings

Obtain IT efficiency through virtualisation and Matrix Cloud-based applications

Among the main advantages of using Cloud Computing are on demand scalability, fast deployment, infrastructure set-up costs, pay as you use operational costs, plus the fact that infrastructure maintenance and upgrades are provided by the Cloud Service Provider.

The unique Matrix architecture and service orientation of REIMS are particularly suitable for Cloud installation, enabling the customer to maximise the benefits of this new and dynamic technology. Cloud Computing is a natural environment for REIMS as the REIMS Virtual Business Networking Architecture supports virtualisation as well as local and remote distributed deployment.

The REIMS Integration products have been developed to run as premise-based, managed service or Cloud Computing environments and they offer secure integration, access and remote monitoring. A REIMS configuration will provide the flexibility and scalability needed to run efficiently in the Cloud, or across the Cloud facilities of more than one Cloud Service Provider. The most common and easy to use facilities currently available from the various Cloud Service Providers such as Amazon are based on virtualised Linux servers often using the MySQL database and Apache Web Servers and REIMS runs in this type of environment as a standard option.

The base level Cloud-based security, data confidentiality protection and user access control are handled by the Cloud Service Provider but REIMS complements these features through the appropriate REIMS modules such as CATS (Combined Audit Trail & Security) Server that provides detailed reporting and auditing functions that facilitate full internal transparency but external security of all transactions and allows detailed systems monitoring through browser-based, remote access.

A key Cloud deployment issue related to resource allocation and the cost of infrastructure is whether an application is single-tenanted or multi-tenanted. Through the REIMS VBN Architecture, REIMS can be deployed on a single Cloud-based server or multiple servers for one customer. Alternatively multiple REIMS environments for multiple customers can be implemented on one server to achieve a multi-tenanted solution, so there is no restriction.

REIMS Cloud Offerings
Cloud Deployed Customer Installation: REIMS Integration Servers Hosted Service in the Cloud
This allows the user to benefit from the advantages of a dynamic and scalable Cloud environment but to keep overall responsibility of the product. The Cloud simply acts as the virtualised remote data centre and the customer runs REIMS in the same way as a premise based installation. SAA can install REIMS in the Cloud and then provide support for customer services and product maintenance but the system can still be operated, configured and managed by the customer.

Cloud Deployed Managed Service: REIMS Integration Servers Managed Service in the Cloud
SAA can configure and run the REIMS environments for the user organisation as a specialist shared service with dedicated or virtual environments based on our REIMS Cloud deployment. SAA can take responsibility for running, configuring, developing, testing and supporting the service for the customer. It is a complete managed service. The customer can use REIMS Connectors or Adaptors to implement the appropriate level of local control, transaction reconciliation and security required to ensure full compliance and best practice procedures for an enterprise level implementation.

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