Embrace the Cloud era with SAA Consultants

SAA Consultants is a Hybrid Integration Solutions and professional services company delivering Application Integration, B2B Community Integration and Managed File Transfer to medium and large sized organisations.

REIMS the Product

SAA has enhanced and expanded its REIMS solution range and REIMS architecture to be cloud compliant and to support past, present and future B2B community integration. We now offer a range of Cloud Integration Services in addition to our other integration solutions for B2B Integration and Internal Integration.

TIES Soluton
PAMS Solution
REIMS Solution
PAMS Solution

Advantages of using REIMS

  • Smart card authorisation, secure communications and multiple payment points
  • Provides the flexibility and scalability needed to run efficiently in the Cloud
  • In-house, on-premise, in the cloud or provided as a managed service
  • Many advanced features to support a wide range of integration
  • Provides full audit trail to track submissions and payments
  • Integration, access, and remote monitoring fully compliant with security legislation
  • Business Intelligence Reports and year to date control
  • Maintained in an always on and up to date status
  • Complete freedom from lock-in